Featured Speakers :

 Michael Strobel
Michael Strobel
Director of Technology & Innovation
Enercon GmbH
 Georgios Pechlivanoglou
Georgios Pechlivanoglou
Technical Director
Smart Blade GmbH
 Gerard Schepers
Gerard Schepers
Project Coordinator Wind Energy
Energy Research Center of the Netherlands
 Dr. Daryoush Allaei
Dr. Daryoush Allaei
Chief Technical Officer
Sheer Wind, Inc.
 Dr. Christoph Heilmann
Dr. Christoph Heilmann
Head of Research and Development
BerlinWind GmbH
 Christof Rautmann
Christof Rautmann
Development Engineer Aerodynamics
Nordex Energy GmbH
 Dr. Thorsten Lutz
Dr. Thorsten Lutz
Head of Aerodynamics
University of Stuttgart
 Alberto Secades Barrañeda
Alberto Secades Barrañeda
Performance Engineer Noise
EDP Renewables Europe

Low-noise turbines and technical solutions for measuring and mitigation of vibrations

Fachkonferenz über technische Lösungen zur Lokalisierung und Minderung von Vibrationen und Lärmemissionen bei Windturbinen.

Noise and vibrations are key issuesfor different reasons. On the one hand, noise emissions prevent the further propagation of wind parks in populated areas, or prevent turbines from running at their full potential. Vibrations, on the other hand, can greatly diminish the lifecycle of components and cause costly downtimesand repair. Seeing them in context allows for deeper insight into their common sources and the interplay of different turbine parts, to understand effects like tonality or amplitude modulation.

The focus will be on:

  • Improvements in aeroacoustic noise mitigation and wind load reduction
  • Identification and mitigation of structure-borne vibrations and tonality
  • Low noise designs for wind turbines on- and offshore
  • Research in unsteady aerodynamics and their impact on N&V
  • Predictive measurements based on condition monitoring systems

In this IQPC networking event, expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions, to guarantee an efficient and goal-oriented knowledge exchange.

For further details on this event and how to become involved, please contact:

Michael Steimel
Project Manager Wind Energy Events
+49 30 20 91 3 - 435
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